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Dr. Loosen Bros. 2010 Riesling/ Dr. L Mosel

Dr. Loosen Bros. 2010 Riesling
Ripe grapes of Riesling.

Ripe grapes of Riesling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We discovered this medium sweet wine last year at one of our wine tasting classes. At the time I was not a fan of “sweet wines” but thanks to Dr. Loosen and others I have tasted over the last year I can now say that my taste for varied wines continues to develop. Riesling whether sweet or dry truly is the perfect match for spicy or spiced foods. It also pairs beautifully with bold cheeses.

This German Riesling in particular comes from Mosel; one of 13 German wine regions.  In terms of output it is Germany‘s third largest and known for its steep slopes facing the Mosel River.


Ürzig/Mosel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is just what the Doctor ordered!  [Couldn’t resist that line]  The name of course also stuck with me. How many Doctor wines have you come across? Of course now I’ve noticed a few, mostly from Germany.
We drank this wine over two nights which is something I never do. In fact 5 days between the opening and killing of this bottle. Luckily I am glad to report that the wine was delicious on both occasions albeit a little smoother as it aged. I believe this to be due to the sugar content and refrigerated coolness.
On the nose I noted a champagne like aroma that I would describe as yeasty minerality. Scents detected were; green fruits such as apple and it came across as crisp/dry and was straw in color. My palate discovered; honeysuckle, citrus, honey with even pineapple as it warmed in the glass. I would further describe it as having medium body and medium acidity.
At $11.99 retail and after a few purchases I would say this Riesling is a good reliable choice. There are many others in this price range and others I also like, such as; Charles Smith‘s KUNG FU Girl [gotta love the name!] and Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling’s. But I will leave those for another sweet day. SALUD!
Online info: Dr Loosen “Dr. L” Riesling
Dr. L Loosen Bros Riesling 2005

Dr. L Loosen Bros Riesling 2005 (Photo credit: Martin.Boyer)

Crisp, Peach, Citrus, Mineral, Light-bodied

Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany- Sourced exclusively from vineyards with steep slopes and slate soil, this wine embodies the elegant and racy style of classic Mosel Riesling. Displaying snappy peach and juicy citrus fruit highlighted by crisp mineral notes on the complex finish. Great value.

The Dr. Loosen estate has been in the same family for over 200 years. When Ernst Loosen (pronounced loh-zen) assumed ownership in 1988, he realized that with ungrafted vines averaging 60 years old in some of Germany’s best-rated vineyards, he had the raw materials to create stunningly intense, world-class wines.

To achieve this, Ernst dramatically reduced his crop size and stopped all chemical fertilization, preferring only moderate use of organic fertilizers. And, most importantly, he turned to gentler cellar practices that allow the wine to develop its full potential with a minimum of handling and technological meddling.

Winking Owl Vineyards Shiraz – $2.99!!!


Sunset on Devils Ridge

Winking Owl Vineyards Shiraz – $2.99!!!

It is 62 degrees on the deck as I watch the sun set behind Hogback and Melrose mountain tonight. In the background a local college radio station is playing and birds are serenading me.  Hard to believe it was 33 degrees this morning,  70 degrees at noon, we’ve almost had a summer day today.  Now my favorite mountain getaway tradition: happy hour!  Not quite so happy when you are alone.  I would rather be here with my better half, but after a day of vacation home projects this is quite the nice reward to myself, even if it includes wine I found today for only $2.99!!!

I discovered this wine today at a local branch of an ALDI grocery store. This low-end or I should probably describe it as low price retailer from Germany is expanding throughout the U.S. Some compare it to Trader Joe’s because they sell their own brand name products or product names you would not recognize. Like their european counterpart grocery stores there is a 25 cent [refundable] fee to rent carts and you are expected to bring your own bags for the merchandise you buy or pay for the plastic/paper bags needed at checkout.  It is a concept I wish we had closer to home.

Upon opening and decanting the first aroma to hit me was vinegar, not a good sign :).  Like magic and within seconds I started to detect mild notes of leather and oak opening to fruit: raspberry and strawberry.  This austere wine accompanied my garlic ziti dinner for one and I must say I rather enjoyed it at the time. Unfortunately I must report that soon afterwards I developed sinus congestion that drove me batty for hours and even worse a harsh headache overnight.  Both conditions not ones I usually suffer from when drinking wine. May just be a coincidence and I must admit I would give it another chance mostly because of the price but………

Internet research although not verified points to the fact that this California wine is produced by E&J Gallo for Aldi grocery stores.  This producer is obviously well-known and has been around for decades.  That said, they can be a high quantity low price producer with that as one of their niche markets. I love my deals and finding great value wines but unfortunately after having another similarly produced wine last year,  I am starting to detect a low priced pattern.  Note to self; I am not becoming a wine snob, I am not becoming a wine snob…….