HAPPY WORLD SAUVIGNON DAY! Check out this great post from Senorita Vino.

That’s right, chicas y chicos, another wine holiday! Can I get a salud?

Today is World Sauvignon Blanc Day, and there’s  an all-day party on Twitter (#SauvBlanc). To commemorate this auspicious occasion, I’ll be tasting four different Sauvignon Blancs from all corners of the world: Chile, New Zealand, France and California.

Sauvignon Blanc has a special place in my heart because it’s the first wine my husband and I discovered together when we were dating. If you join the celebration today, you’ll see why it’s so easy to love. Who knows, you may even channel your inner Señorita Vino and find true romance over a glass. (El Disclaimer: Señorita Vino makes no guarantees that you will find your soulmate today. So don’t quit the membership just yet).

There’s a Sauvignon Blanc for almost every palate. If you’re a passionfruit and nectarine kind of chica (or chico)…

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Wine educator. Wine student. Wine blogger. Wine lover. Wine Buyer. 40-ish, OK late late 40's pushing 50. Married, technically in Vermont and originally heart only but now recognized in ALL states. Cuban-American Miami born. Only took me 28 years of talking about it to take a wine class, get certified and find my new career as a Wine Steward/Wine Buyer/Team Leader.

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