Is my wine glass half empty or half full? The Return of the Wine Diary

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The Return of the Wine Diary

As most reading this may know from previous blogs one of my goals for 2012 was to be the analyzation of my infamous 2011 wine diary.  Somehow, the more I reviewed the 138 [!] entries the more confused I became as to how to proceed. After much thought and rereading of said infamous 🙂 diary I was able to narrow the scope by breaking down most if not all into categories. Of course there is always the chance of too many categories but I think I was able to thin down the playing field without affecting the integrity of my year-long project. For example; I noticed that the entries filed under DEPENDABLE were actually also well priced. Therefore I have combined these into the category GOOD VALUE. My final categories:





-BAD; 6


Is my wine glass half empty or half full?

Well I am happy to report that my wine glass seems to be half full. After savoring 138 wines  luckily only 6 made it into the BAD category! That’s a great statistic. I will be blogging about each category in the near future. That said let’s get the BAD out-of-the-way and hopefully save a few possible victims or who knows find a few lovers of these examples out there. Here’s hoping your glass is always half full!

HOB NOB Chardonnay 2006 $5,00

VIEUX PAPES Red Table Wine $6.99 – The only entry to be called swill!

LISABELLA Pinot Grigio 2007, received as a gift.


BRIAREO REDI 2005 $30.00, disappointing.

PATRIOT Merlot 2010 $15.00

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