2010 resolution for 2011; let’s keep a year long wine diary!

Silver Oak 2004 Alexander Valley. Cabernet Sau...

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2010 resolution for 2011; let’s keep a year long wine diary!

It was as easy as that. After about a year of attending monthly wine classes with my better half and best friend I decided we should record every wine we tasted at home and keep a diary of our thoughts.  Everything from WOW to Swill! Thinking back over the last year my unsaid original goal might have been to find tasty wines under $10.  Although we did find some good wines at that price point [and 1 or 2 may make my top ten list] I think a lesson learned was that for my purposes the better wines are in the $12-$18.00 range. Of course my favorite wine of the year is $40.00 a bottle and I just had an incredible Cabernet Sauvignon from California priced at $170.00[!!!] but in a general sense there are excellent wines out there for under 20 bucks.

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